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Therapeutic apheresis in Pediatrics

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what we do

Therapeutic apheresis can be used to remove plasma and/or replace plasma factors (plasmapheresis), or to target specific proteins for elimination (immunoadsorption and LDL apheresis). This type of treatment expands the therapeutic options for a variety of diseases, especially those of the immunological type.

This research group (leader PD Dr. Julia Thumfart) analysis the safety and efficacy of therapeutic apheresis in Pediatrics. Together with Dr Christina Taylan (University of Cologne) a registry within the framework of the Society for Pediatric Nephrology was established to investigate the indications, modalities and therapeutic benefits of these procedures in the pediatric setting (


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Nikolaus M, Kühne F, Tietze A, Thumfart J, Kempf C, Gratopp A, Knierim E, Bittigau P, Kaindl AM: Modified Zipper Method, a Promising Treatment Option in Severe Pediatric Immune-Mediated Neurologic Disorders; J Child Neurol. 2022 Apr 18:8830738221089476. doi: 10.1177/08830738221089476

Thumfart J and Taylan C: Apheresetherapie in der Kindernephrologie; Der Nephrologe 2022 Mar; 17:163-168

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